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April's Spotlight with Getty Images

Image credit: clockwise from the top Xavierarnau, Belinda Howell, Megan Brewer, Louise Beaumont, courtesy of Getty Images


Our Head On Spotlight for April was 'Photographic insights in 2021' with Kate Rourke of Getty Images, who joined us online from London where she heads up their Creative Insights team for the Asia Pacific area.

Kate and her team have been undertaking an ongoing survey of 30,000 respondents in 26 countries in 13 different languages to track shifts in consumer behaviour.

Insights for Australia and New Zealand

In Australia and New Zealand, our priorities have changed quickly over the last year or so, taking the visual landscape with them. Thanks to COVID-19, working from home has caused an enormous shift and ideas around wellness, mental health, technology and sustainability concerns, inclusivity, and diversity.

Consumers want eye-catching visuals showing impacts on actual humans, real animals and the environment. There has also been an emotional shift - images that are relatable and give hope resonating the most.

Kate painted a picture of a much more visually literate audience, of consumers who are able to tell when an image is real and when it is fake. This means that companies have to move beyond tokenisation and show authentic lifestyles and cultures in their communications.

She detailed specific projects that Getty is working on, partnering with companies to address what consumers care about. This is all part of Getty’s work to reflect society and trigger and embrace disruption and change accurately.

Kate outlined a few requirements of stock photography, including the need for model and property releases. Her knowledge of her subject was incredible. We thank her again for her excellent insights.

 You can look at creativeinsights.gettyimages.com for more information. Members can get exclusive access to this captivating session below.

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About Getty Images

Getty Images have been working with contributors for over 25 years, producing imagery for commercial customers who need to tell visual stories to sell products. 

Working with 320,000 of the best content creators, their in-house creative team consists of photojournalists, art directors, creative researchers, data scientists, editors, drone operators, who all live and breathe visual storytelling.

They deal in stock photography that is licensable for advertising and promotional materials.  Covering absolutely everything from business and lifestyle to nature and shopping, Getty acts as a creative agent, advertiser and financial broker for contributors.

Pioneers in visual analysis, Getty examines visual data usage to understand customers' needs and identify key forces that influence consumer behaviour. They know what will drive a message home.

Kate will present a follow-up session to go into the specific requirements for contributors. If you are interested in joining this session, please add your name to the expression of interest.

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Our next Spotlight on 3 May marks World Press Freedom Day and features Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Michael Robinson Chávez. 

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