Gillian Hyland book giveaway

Image credit: Gillian Hyland

Words in Sight is Gillian Hyland’s stunning book of photographs and poems that span a decade of work. Exhibited in Head On Photo Festival 2018, her dramatic photographs are based on her own poems and depict characters in human dramas and isolated emotional situations. 

These mesmerizing and supernatural staged images, not dissimilar to film stills, clearly draw on her early career in styling & set design. Frozen in time, solitary and vulnerable moments are presented in glorious technicolour and timeless sets.

A self-described image maker and storyteller, Hyland has exhibited around the world, including in Head On Portrait Award finalist exhibition in 2017, and received several awards, including a Sony Portrait Award, International Photographer of the Year, AX3 – American Aperture Award, and the PDN Curator Awards.

This beautiful photo book would make a wonderful addition to your photographic book collection.

I want the viewer to look at my image and see themselves. The use of sets and costumes is part of creating a story that we can all identify with, a past of which we can just recall parts. It’s not about creating a pretty picture, for me it’s the intention that lies beneath it that is truly worthwhile. I’m drawn to the thinking mind behind the face, the subject’s eyes holding a story in their gaze; that is what I aim to capture through my photographs.” Gillian Hyland


A women in a red dress with a glass of wine looks wistful at a table while behind her a man looks out a window.

Image credit: Gillian Hyland

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