Meet Burn my Eye

Image credit: Lukas Vasilikos

Continuing with our series about collectives, today we are excited to feature Burn my Eye, an international street collective with a solid social media presence.

We caught up with Sam Ferris, an Australian photographer in the collective. Sam explains that the group, which grew out of the Hardcore Street Photography group on Flickr in 2011, consists of 16 members spread over five continents. Whilst they collectively share a passion for the genre of street photography, Burn my Eye’s members come from 13 different countries, bringing diverse visions to the group.

Their aim is to promote and share their mutual passion for this genre of photography by forging their own space within the global community of street photographers. They have incredibly high standards and expectations with a view to further elevating street photography in terms of its public and critical reception.

Sam says, “Over the years, members have come and gone from the group. But what has kept us moving forward is our mutual respect for one another as creators and our desire for bettering our individual practices by working together, sharing insights and resources. What has cemented our ties further has certainly been the ability to meet up in person (or, more recently, Zoom calls together), putting names with faces. As a result, our online conversations have grown into camaraderie and friendships.”

You can follow Burn my Eye on Instagram or visit their website for more details.

We will be including more information about Burn my Eye and other collectives in Head On Interactional, our new online magazine launching later this year, so be sure to keep your eye out for that!!!


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