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Travelling through time and place

Head On Foundation , 17 Nov 2021

Image: Jenny Papalexandris from Yonder (within sight but not near)

It has been a weird 18 months, hasn't it? Who has missed travelling thanks to COVID-19?

We certainly have here at Head On Foundation, but we're looking forward to unveiling the 2021 Head On Photo Festival on November 19. We have exhibitions, online and in-person, at Bondi Beach and Paddington's Reservoir Gardens and a few scattered around Sydney until Sunday, November 28. 

We thought we'd satiate your thirst for travel ahead of the Festival by giving you a taster of a few of the shows that involve travel.

Visual artist and educator Jenny Papalexandris takes us on a journey, a poetic visual narrative along the Amtrak Crescent line from Penn Station, NYC, to New Orleans, Louisiana in Yonder (within sight but not near). Jenny's brooding black and white imagery leads us from carriage to platform to dark hotel rooms and back to the train again in this thirty-hour train journey.  


Image: Hubert Barre from Impressions de Berlin 

Hubert Barre is a photographer and director of a photo Festival in Ardèche, France, who takes us on a historical journey to East and West Berlin. Hubert's images in Impressions de Berlin depict the presence of the wall and the people who lived on each side; two different people and two different lives between 1985 and 1986.


Image: Fabian Muir from  Intimate perspectives on North Korea

And finally, Sydney-based photographer Fabian Muir presents Intimate perspectives on North Korea, arguably the most extensive survey of the DPRK (North Korea) by an independent photographer. Fabian's lens focuses on ordinary North Koreans around the country. The series invites us to consider and examine a more layered and complex society than generally visible in our media.

We hope you enjoy these and all the other exhibitions in this year's Festival: we have 60 in our featured program so there should be something for everyone. Details to be released soon.

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