Best photos from Afghanistan

GeorgiaHawken , 17 Aug 2021

Image credit: Stephen Dupont, Ahmed Shah Massoud. Afghanistan, 1998

We’ve been watching the unfolding, desperate situation in Afghanistan as the United States troops and their allies leave and the Taliban take control of the country. Hundreds of civilians, including journalists and officials, have been injured or killed in targeted attacks. Many photojournalists are posting from Afghanistan, sharing their concerns about the recent events. 

An Australian Photojournalist Abroad

stephengodfrey , 26 Aug 2016

Into the archive....


Photojournalism in 2015

Lauran Vohmann , 30 Sep 2015

According to statistics from the report by State of News Photography, in collaboration with World Press Photo, the University of Stirling and Oxford University’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism this is what Photojournalism looks like in 2015:

Your average photojournalist is male, 85% of survey respondants were male! Where have all the female photojournalists gone?!

60% are self-employed

80% work alone! Should we (as photographers) be pushing for a more collaborative industry?

Portraits: Lizane Louw

Lyndal Irons , 01 Feb 2011

Portraits: Lizane Louw

Caledon, South Africa: Mr Arnolds Plaatjies and his wife Alithea van Breda in their humble home on a farm near Caledon in the Western Cape South Africa.

During 2009 the farming communities in the Western Cape were once again under the Human Rights spotlight. Many stories were published about the poor living conditions of farm workers and questions were raised about their treatment.