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How I got that: Franky Tsang

How I got that: Franky Tsang

In our first Head On Backstage interview, Franky Tsang tells how a free portraiture session for his yoga teacher and her mother resulted in the image that took out 2010’s People’s Choice Award.

Franky Tsang’s yoga teacher Denise loves to tell stories - a trait he can well relate to as a photographer.

One story in particular caught his ear and made him think while he should’ve been meditating. Recently, Denise received one of those dreaded calls.


Mark Rogers on his approach to portraiture

Photos: Geoffry Rush, Dev Patel, and Andrew Garfield

Mark Rogers is known for his innate ability to distil the essence of a story or character into a singular image. His portraits are defined by an ease and directness that balance intimacy with presence and feeling. It is this approach that has secured him over the past two decades work with prominent clients and a regular spot as a finalist in The Head On Portrait Prize, National Portrait Prize, Moran Photographic Prize and Olive Cotton Award.