Head On at 107: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Head On at 107: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Fiona Ruck

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Australian Rules Football is not only about muscles and physical strength, but also about the pain, determination and teamwork, as shown here in these few photos of an (two) AFL game(s) played in Tasmania (during the rain). These photos are moments frozen in time showing the various emotions that sometimes get missed when watching a fast game of footy.

Hillwood Sharks football club (players in the purple and blue shirts) compete in Northern Tasmania against other premier league teams. The first game shown here in the rain and mud was played against the Deloraine Kangaroos Football Club, when Hillwood won by 3 points. Hillwood then went on to win the Grand Final against Bridgenorth winning by 23 points).

Head On at 107 draws together 8 photographic artists. The series have been selected to sit together yet stand apart, representing different approaches. The curatorial process gives equal weight to each artist’s work and unifies the exhibition space. The artists collaborate on installation, promotion and social media, supporting each other through the process of exhibition.

Artists: Allan Coker, Christine Ansorge, Fiona Ruck, Francis Minien, Kate Ballis, Kelly Slater, Natalia Mroz, Suzan Pektas.
Curator: Sandy Edwards

Artist Bio

I have a diverse background from working in major hotels; running a guesthouse in Bavaria and working as a translator in HK. I have enjoyed working for overseas magazines presenting articles from start to finish, including research, photography and graphic design. Living and working across Africa, Europe, North America and Asia all my life has enabled me to study a diverse range of cultures, people and wildlife. I have seen and photographed the splendour of nature in all its forms and continue to search for beauty in the world.

For me, there is no greater thrill than capturing an image which, when shared, preserves and celebrates a unique moment that would otherwise have been lost to time.

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Tuesday - Sunday: 12:00 pm-5:00 pm

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