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Bondi Pavilion, Burn in Print


Group show

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Exhibition Description

Burn in Print is a Group Show based on and inlcuding work from, the acclaimed online publishing source Burn Magazine.
The show was curated by David Alan Harvey and Diego Orlando and includes both International and Australian, established Magnum and emerging photographers:

Alexander Mendelevich
Alisa Resnik
Audrey Bardou
Danny Wilcox Frazier
David Alan Harvey
Davide Monteleone
Dima Gavrysh
Dmitry Markov
Emily Schiffer
Erica Mcdonald
Giovanni Cocco
Imants Krumins
Irina Werning
Jenn Ackerman
Jim Natchwey
Karen Mirzoyan
Kyunghee Lee
Laura El Tantawy
Marina Black
Matt Eich
Michelle Frankfourter
Mike Brown
Mike Young
Panos Skoulidas
Ross Nolly
Sam Haris
Simona Ghizzoni
Steffi Mueller
Vicky Slater
Victor Cobo
Yalda Pashai

The show was produced by Head On Photo Festival

Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

05 May 2012 to 03 June 2012

Open Hours