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Butterfly Effect


TAFE Western Students

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'Butterfly effect' is the name given to the scientific theory that describes an action (no matter how small) which can change the course of events in our world. An example would be, that the flutter of a butterfly's wing in Brazil can contribute to the creation of a cyclone in Asia.

Our world is connected. This interdependence of all living things on earth also used to be called 'Gaia' - our world is one living, breathing entity! This show brings together a group of individuals, all with varying viewpoints on the subject of nature and its many aspects. As the world (metaphorically) shrinks and people consume a larger proportion of its space, we need to be able to reassess our relationship with it. This exhibition is an attempt to consider how nature and mankind connect and respond in various ways. The Butterfly Effect has been created by the Diploma in Photo Imaging students at TAFE Western, Creative Industries, Dubbo.

Photographers: Brook Kellehear-Smith, Coady LoMonAo, Connor Coman-Sargent, David Lennox, Jaymee Hyland, Jessica Pease, Jo Lincoln, Jordan Shillingsworth, Mardi Remond, Morgan Williams, Renee Spencer, Sophie Tosh, Toni Windsor.

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Dates and Times

05 May 2015 to 17 May 2015

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