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Centennial Parklands, Ludlites Exhibition "Ludlites Love Nature"


The Ludlites Group

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Exhibition Description

Ludlites is a group of 11 photographers who specialise in making and exhibiting meaningful images using lo-fi plastic lens cameras. These cameras have been around since the mid-1960's and use film to create photographs that are stylistically unique and often quite mysterious. 

The opportunity to shoot in and around Centennial Park and exhibit at the Superintendent's Residence as part of the Head On Festival of Photography was too good to refuse and members have been experimenting with new ways to document the landscape and environment for their exhibition titled Ludlites Love Nature.

Tim Hixson's Workshop  Sat May 12 10:30 a.m.  "How to photograph nature using Lomo Cameras"

A 3 hour workshop at The Superintendent's Residence. For Plastic Camera and film camera enthusiasts.

We will look at the "Ludlites Love Nature" exhibition and expand on the various techniques used. Also view associated Plastic camera images and learn how to better use your camera of choice. We will also do a field trip outside the gallery.

Bring your camera and some film.

Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

29 April 2012 to 03 June 2012

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