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Chifley Tower, Barkly Captured


Barkly Arts-Group Show

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Barkly Captured In July 2011, Barkly Regional Arts invited residents of the Barkly region in the Northern Territory to document life as they know it - using a disposable camera.

In a region larger than Victoria, in which some people do not even have a weekly mail service the Barkly’s 284,000 sq km were covered and 117 people from all walks of life took up the challenge. 2552 photos were taken.

At the time a photo-montage wall was created in the Tennant Creek supermarket to showcase all 2552 of the 6x4” photos. A panel of judges from the Tennant Creek community selected images, which best reflected the region, to enlarge and form this stand-alone exhibition.

The Barkly community spirit, in all its diversity, has been captured. Featuring work by Devanney, Paul Edmonds, Paul Edmonds, Ryan Gurney, Amanda Johnson, Leslie Thompson Snr, Alex Pickburn, Dave Barnham, Ian Slade, Dianne Stokes, Nadia Clements, Sandy Edwards, Margaret Knight, Helen Kempe, Audrey Rankine and Janella Woodman.

This community photography project was an initiative of Barkly Regional Arts as part of the Desert Harmony Festival – Anyinginyi Manu 2011 and was made possible with the support of Australian Government – Festivals Australia, FUJIFILM

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12 May 2012 to 02 June 2012

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