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City 2 Surf is an exhibition exploring two quintessential settings that have perennially captivated Australian street photographers: the sprawling metropolis and a favourite recreational locale for those looking to escape it, the beach. In Australian cities, the cost of living has never been higher and the sense of anxiety never more acutely felt; with alienation and consumerism reflected on every street corner. Whereas the beach is traditionally associated with the iconic Australian lifestyle. Populated by a diverse array of people from all backgrounds and different walks of life, aspiring to find a sense of belonging, relaxation, and restoration by the water. The photographs aim to not only articulate the vast differences between the ‘City’ and the ‘Surf’ as backdrops against which the rituals of daily life are acted out, but also interrogate the connection between them as places imbued with the strangeness, wonder, and beauty of Antipodean life.

This exhibition is on show at two venues; Bondi Beach and Oxford St, Paddington.

Paddington artists: Reuel Santos, Rachael Willis, Paul Blackmore, Matthew Venables, Jonathan Pui, Deb Bonney, Ben Dowling, Andrew Kagis, Andrea Zubani

Artist Bio

AUSSIE STREET was established in 2017 by a group of like-minded photographers from around Australia who were brought together by their mutual passion for the genre of street photography. Together we aim to promote, create awareness about, and be proactive in fostering events that serve the street photography community in Australia. AUSSIE STREET is not-for-profit and strives to give back to the street photography community within Australia and to connect it with other street photography communities around the globe.

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04 May 2019 to 19 May 2019

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