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Asher Milgate

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Have you ever looked out onto a landscape and tried to describe it to someone?


Imagine living in a valley of that landscape and describing what you see to the person standing on top of the mountain?


How different are those perspectives?


After all, it is the same landscape, isn't it?


In Australia, our landscape has been cared for through love and devotion. It has songs and ceremonies. It has delivered food, sustenance and spirituality for millennia. It has seen experiments, economic growth, plantations, farming and extraction of minerals.

Prosperity and loss.


How can these relationships with the land be seen with the other eye, the other experience, the other cultural practice?


What are those stories of the lived experience?


Can you read the land and decipher its story?

Artist Bio

Asher Milgate draws from dual histories. Milgate discusses the intersection of colonisation and the ongoing challenges for Aboriginal people as a result. Milgate’s work is a transferral of history, of lived experiences echoed through photography, video, installation and sound recordings. Milgate seeks to engage the public’s interest in the breath of the ‘Australian’ landscape, through diversity, similarity and dual perspectives.
Asher Milgate is represented by Art Atrium, Sydney.

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19 October 2020 to 27 October 2020

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Monday - Friday:
8:30 am-4:00 pm