Fragile beauty, rich and rare

Fragile beauty, rich and rare

Pamela Pauline

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As a photographic artist, I create contemporary artworks around environmental issues. My Fragile beauty, rich and rare body of photographic artwork is crafted to hold your attention. Incorporating the visual clues and symbolism of 17th century Still Life artworks, the viewer is invited to reflect on both the beauty of the flora and fauna and the darkness within the underlying message. This contemporary take on an old art form asks the viewer to contemplate the complexity around biodiversity rather than escape from it.

Using the powerful medium of photography to visually tell a story, my process involves much research and consultation, followed by purposeful photography. From thousands of photographs, I curate the best and then start the compositing process. This involves using sophisticated editing techniques to select what I would like to remain visible, then deconstruct, layer, arrange, and create what eventually becomes the final composition. In this body of work, I tell a story not often told, that of Australia’s threatened flora.

Many of these beautiful specimens are short-lived, elusive and not known to the general public. Adding to this narrative, I have incorporated photographs of Australia’s most endangered birds. All of these photographs have been taken by myself in the past two years at conservation gardens and wildlife refuges throughout Australia under the guidance of horticultural specialists and wildlife carers. By co-opting photographs of live collections of Australia's imperilled plants and endangered birds into contemporary artworks, this body of work is a timely reminder of the importance of documenting, protecting and recovering the threatened biodiversity of Australia.

Each of the artworks in Fragile beauty, rich and rare measure 40"x32" Framed, and are Archival Eco Solvent Pigment Prints on Solve Glaze Satin Rag. Limited Edition of 10.


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Artist Bio

Pamela Pauline is a photographic artist based in Sydney. Informed by a lifelong connection to nature, her photographic artworks have become increasingly focused on Australian flora and fauna. Using her skills garnered from two decades as a professional portrait, landscape and fine art photographer, Pamela’s technique involves taking hundreds of photographs and then carefully selecting, compositing and layering them to create the final highly detailed compositions. Deepening her practice, in Pamela’s most recent bodies of work, namely Fragile beauty, rich and rare and On the brink, she explores the beauty of vulnerable species in an effort to highlight Australia’s biodiversity crisis. By co-opting photographs of these threatened species into artworks, she aims to inspire conservation efforts that will help restore Australia’s beautiful natural heritage. Pamela’s works have been exhibited in Australia, India, China, New Zealand and the United States.

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