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Li Wei

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‘’I was born in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, in 1976. This autonomous region of China lies on the northern border of the country, running alongside Mongolia proper. It is immense—larger than Texas and California combined, in terms of surface area. Because of its enormous size, it contains rich mineral deposits as well as endless grassland suitable for animal grazing.’’ 

Both Han and Mongolian people have lived for millennia across this magnificent expanse, but the traditional nomadic lifestyle has been deeply influenced by the impact of modernisation. Some herders do not live in yurts anymore but have settled in towns. Some young people would rather dress more fashionably and only old people wear traditional Mongolian clothing now. 

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Li Wei was born in 1976 in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China. He graduated from the Communication University of China in 2001. His work was included in the China Pingyao International Photography Festival, the Angkor Photography Festival and the Singapore International Photography Festival. He's a freelance photographer and filmmaker and has been photographing the region since 2008. He finished his first documentary film HEXIGTEN in 2016.  

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06 November 2020 to 06 December 2020

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