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The Haiti Project at Storm Gallery


Christina Simons

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Exhibition Description

In 2006 Christina Simons spent nearly a month in some of the most dangerous parts of Haiti.

When she returned she held an exhibition about Haitian children known as 'Restaveks'. A restavek is a child sold or given away to a life of slavery.

The motivation then was to expose a nation in desperate need and to inform a western audience in order to assist Haiti's people.

In the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, the press has quieted, and the west has moved on.

Christina's wish is to illustrate to the general public just how dire Haiti's circumstances were before the earthquake and to remind people of how unbelievably devastated the country is now. The proceeds of sales will go to both the earthquake relief as well as the restaveks she continues to help in Haiti.

Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

27 April 2010 to 21 May 2010

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