Head On Landscape Prize

Head On Landscape Prize

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Head On has a broad approach to ‘landscape’ that encompasses ‘large vista’ images of the natural environment- land or sea, urban or industrial settings. It may include people, but they are ‘incidental’ rather than the main subject matter.

The works are anonymous through the judging process and as a result, the merit of the work is the focus, bringing together both newly unearthed and established Australian and international talent.

The judging panel changes each year resulting in exhibitions that are unpredictable and diverse from year to year.

Judges of the Head On Photo Awards 2018 were picture editor, The Guardian, Jonny Weeks; award-winning photographer David Dare Parker; Director of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing), Nataline Colonnello; award- winning leading photojournalist Paula Bronstein; picture editor New York Times, Mikko Takkunen; award-winning photographer Nancy Borowick; documentary storyteller James Whitlow Delano; artist and Somerset House board member Marcus Lyon; Director, Australian Centre for Photography, Cherie McNair; Independent curator Alasdair Foster; award-winning photographer Katrin Koenning; visual arts educator Louise Heilpern and Head On Photo Festival Director Moshe Rosenzveig.

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2018 Landscape Prize Finalist

Simon Harsent, Stephen Pierce, Michael Garbutt, Brydie Piaf, Chloe van Dorp, Grayson Cooke, Ignacio Palacios, Federico Rekowski, Mike Wall, Matthew Portch, Brett Florence, Joey Corcoran, Christian Spencer, Ryo Yamauchi, Tom Putt, Jodi Woodward, Loulou McPhee, Alice Blanch, Leah Kennedy, Tony Hewitt, Christian Fletcher, Jonathan May, Magali Chesnel, Palani Mohan, Oded Wagenstein, Lynn Clayton, Heejung Kim, Daniel Ochoa de Olza, Roger Grasas, Yoong Wah Alex Wong, Al Wildey, Jamey Stillings, Marko Kokic, Matthew G Borowick, Chris Round, Janet Tavener, Jasmine Poole, Noni Carroll, Philip Bell, Philip Myers.

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Monday - Friday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm

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