Head On Portrait Award

Head On Portrait Award

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The Head On Portrait Award recognises artists that demonstrate innovative approaches to photographic portraiture. Established in 2004, this leading international competition celebrates the talents of emerging and established contemporary portrait photographers.

Through our anonymous selection process, our judges selected a diverse range of images that reveal how the traditional notion of portrait has been reinterpreted and expanded. Evocative and emotional, these portraits explore the depth of the human condition.


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This exhibition is indoors. Please check what COVID-19 restrictions are in place before you visit.


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Winner: Gideon Mendel (UK), Jenni Bruce at her burnt home in Upper Brogo, NSW, January 2020 

Australian runner-up: Mark Forbes (Australia), Perfect stranger

International runner-up: Joseph-Phillipe Bevillard (Ireland), Donoghue brothers, Galway, Ireland, 2019


Alain Schroeder, Aline Smithson, Andrea Alkalay, Benjamin Brink, Brett Canet-Gibson, Christian K. Lee, Craig Easton, Drew Gardner, Ebony Allen-Ankins, Erberto Zani, Eva Collins, Gideon Mendel, Gloria Salgado Gispert, Jeremy Lempin, Johannes Reinhart, Joseph-Philippe Bevillard, Julian Kingma, Lauren Forster, Liz Looker, Mark Forbes, Marko Kokic, Matt Loxton, Mieke Douglas, Mirjam Stenevik, Mridula Amin, Oded Wagenstein, Rowena Meadows, Sandra Chen Weinstein, Shea Kirk, Simon Harsent, Stephen Iliffe, Stuart  Miller, Susan Papazian, Susanne Middelberg, Suzette Dushi, Therese Maher, Tim Bauer, Toby Dixon, Todd Antony, William Debois

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Friday - Sunday: 10:00 am-5:00 pm

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