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Hidden Talents


City of Parramatta Staff

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Parramatta Library is hosting a digital photographic exhibition as part of the Head On Photo Festival 2020, Australia’s leading photographic festival. Head On celebrates a wide range of photography across all genres from photojournalism and reportage through to commercial and fine art photography. Parramatta Library is excited to be taking part and is proud to present photographs featuring the hidden talents of our City of Parramatta staff.

Artist Bio

A selection of photographs from a variety of staff from the City of Parramatta Council. The exhibition features the works of: Annemarie Kanturek; Christian C.; Glenn S.; Jun Pan; Kathy C.; Katrina Sichlau (@lens_kat); Kylie Rudd; Rachel Sheree; Randil Pohorambage; Sarah McAskill; Sarah P. and Y.P. Their full works can be seen here - https://youtu.be/L2Nlu2kjbRI

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01 May 2020 to 31 May 2020

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