I'm Here | Head On Photo Festival

I'm Here

Candy Goldsmith

Gauge Gallery

Exhibition Dates:

10 May 2016 to 22 May 2016


Exhibition Description

I'm Here is a staged non fiction series depicting moments that occurred between two siblings in October 2014 and the months that followed. It takes us into the world of Bonnie who has two brothers with additional needs.

Inspired by a shared moment of beauty and stillness within chaos, mother and photographer Candy Goldsmith felt compelled to bring awareness to childhood mental health disorders and young carers.The children who are featured in the work became participants in their own story, providing a tool for reflection and healing.

The project is a beautiful mess. It shows intimate moments through dark photographs where light becomes the hero, the confronting imagery juxtaposed alongside loving quotes from Bonnie.

"I'm Here shows the struggle and the beauty within adversity and it does so without apology. The work is confronting, honest and undoubtedly necessary as it forces us to look beyond our own preconcieved ideas of childhood and brings light on subjects that are often unspoken but are certainly here.''

Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

10 May 2016 to 22 May 2016
Artist Talk: 
Tue 10 May 2016, 7:30PM

Open Hours

Opening Hours: 
Tuesday - Saturday:
10:00 am-9:00 pm
1:00 pm-9:00 pm