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Kingswood Station, My Suburb, My Community


Milica Nestorovic, Renae Summers, Tim Sheens, Brienna Lennon, Brooke Grace, Cheyne Carte, Emma-Leigh Maley, Ebony Parahni, Tess Draper, Bryce Clayton

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Exhibition Description

‘My Suburb, My Community’ is a photographic exhibition that explores the issues facing the western Sydney suburb of Kingswood as documented by young people.

Project Manager Mandy Schöne-Salter provided Kingswood High School students with a camera and tuition and gave them the task to take a series of photographs of their suburb and members of their community. The resulting images form a powerful portrait of a community struggling with the challenges of multiculturalism, a declining jobs market and bored youth, while still managing to retain hope and a sense of pride in this place.

Mandy hopes the project will empower local youth by encouraging awareness of their surrounding environment and more active involvement within their own community.

The exhibition is being held at Kingswood railway station so that all community members and leaders will be able to learn about the realities for local youth and be motivated to make changes towards a better Kingswood.

This project is funded by Penrith City Council’s Neighbourhood Renewal Grant 2012; called ‘Magnetic Places’ and supported by RailCorp.

The Magnetic Places Community Cultural Grants Program is an exciting and dynamic initiative led by Penrith City Council’s Neighbourhood Renewal Program.
The initiative aims to generate activities, events and programs that bring to life community meeting places in the Penrith area.

Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

08 May 2012 to 30 June 2012

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