Leichhardt Library Gallery, Their Space: Teenage Bedroom | Head On Photo Festival

Leichhardt Library Gallery, Their Space: Teenage Bedroom


Jennifer Blau

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Exhibition Description

At a certain point in every kid's life, the bedroom they inhabit morphs from a space tidied and managed by a parent into a place of burgeoning self-expression as independence and hormones reign.

The teen's domain becomes a no-go zone of often-confronting posters and potentially frightening discoveries under the bed. What part does having a space of their own play in the teenage psyche and their quest for identity? Does a tidy room really matter? And isn't having a safe space to experiment and rebel ultimately more conducive to harmonious family relationships?

These portraits of teenagers in their bedrooms reveal the answer to that often asked question: what goes on behind those closed doors?

Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

01 May 2012 to 27 May 2012

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