The lives surrounding Lake Atitlán | Head On Photo Festival

The lives surrounding Lake Atitlán

Karina Illovska


In August 2016, Karina Illovska spent some time beyond the mountains, in the homes of the surviving Guatemalan Mayans and their families who live beside Lake Atitlan.

She travelled into country with the not-for-profit organisation - Mayan Families. Their vision is to assist with the Mayan’s basic needs through sustainable programs that focus on elderly care, nutritional support, education, emergency aid and artisan programs to cultivate the local arts.

Karina witnessed the plight of older people, too often overlooked in aid efforts that naturally focus on children. 

Their homes and faces reflect a life suppressed by the Guatemalan Civil War. Entire villages were massacred and the widespread use of forced disappearances led tragically to the Guatemalan genocide. 

When we live in a world of infinite opportunities, how do we care for those who have been dispossessed?

Yet in meeting with them, an ecstatic shared joy as parents delight in having their children's photographs taken for the first time.



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