Living in the Middle of Hackney | Head On Photo Festival

Living in the Middle of Hackney


Nicola Dracoulis

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Exhibition Description

Living in the Middle of Hackney (LMH) presents the lives of five young people in one of London’s most marginalised suburbs. Combining photographs of teenagers deemed ‘at risk of exclusion’ by virtue of their demographic, first commissioned in 2008, with those re-shot in 2015 with Hackney in the midst of gentrification, the project confronts negative stereotypes surrounding underprivileged youth. The seemingly fixed co-ordinates of race, class and gender are all subject to pressure. Eschewing sensationalism for detail, LMH makes visible the everyday heroics of normal people and recovers true stories of real lives. By juxtaposing images of past and present, the project encourages audiences to question assumptions about how the future unfolds for ourselves and others. As some goals move forward, others are re-evaluated.

Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

29 April 2016 to 21 May 2016

Open Hours

Opening Hours: 
Wednesday - Saturday:
10:00 am-5:00 pm

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