Notes from the Mississippi Delta | Head On Photo Festival

Notes from the Mississippi Delta

Nathan Miller

Soho Galleries

Exhibition Dates:

07 May 2016 to 03 June 2016

Exhibition Description

My interest lies in the visual storytelling of people and places with a colorful cultural identity. Travelling provides me with inspiration and a background to my photography. 


I came across a CD called “Deep Blues” which was a sound track of a documentary of the same name, produced by Robert Mugge. Listening to the music painted an image or should I say perception in my imagination. I liked this image, and I wanted to see it for myself. So I decided to travel and document the Mississippi Delta in the USA where the blues originated. Despite making a dozen visits within eight years, I do not claim to have made a comprehensive study of the Mississippi Delta, only a “footnote” of what the Delta holds.


What I found out during my travelling was that one not only listens to the blues, but can actually see it too. The blues is not just music. It is a mirror of culture, a way of life. This exhibition provides a “taste” of the chronicles of my journeys through the Delta. These are samples of those moments of ‘Yes, the blues is real’ and the people of the Mississippi Delta are its roots…

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Dates and Times

07 May 2016 to 03 June 2016

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Tuesday - Sunday:
12:00 pm-6:00 pm