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Nothing to Lose


Toby Burrows

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Exhibition Description

This photographic series depicts performers from the 2015 production Nothing to Lose by Sydney-based dance company Force Majeure, choreographed by Kate Champion. 

The images explore movement of plus size dancers. I approached the subject with absolute respect, with an intention of capturing beauty and strength of the statuesque figures. 

The process required a mutual trust about our intention for the images. The process for me was not a social comment and was more about a celebration of dance and capturing larger figures in flight and in the midst of expression. The images will hopefully inspire discussion and interest around our preconceptions of what is 'normal'. 

This exhibition is available to see at any time day or night at 379 George Street

Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

18 March 2016 to 16 May 2016

Open Hours

Opening Hours: 
Monday - Sunday:
12:30 am-11:30 pm

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