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For two years Alex Frayne has photographed the plight of Adelaide's homeless at a time when there are calls from all quarters to raise the level of assistance for society's forgotten people. The series of images is an interrogation of the world of the street and those who oversee it around the clock. The photographs examine this contemporary sub-culture with its strange contradictions, hierarchies and rules. The polemics of the world often exist side-by-side. The poorest members of society live on the streets alongside the grandiosity and pomp of museums and galleries. The Overseers of Streets is not an exhibition which seeks to 'ennoble' homeless people, or view their lives as somehow romantic or heroic in a sort of feel-good bourgeois sense. It is an exhibition steeped in realism and photography, the latter of which has the power to change the world. 

Social media users who follow Frayne's work have grown accustomed to seeing his confronting images interrupt their feeds that are full of food shots, happy families and people living their best selves. 

Artist Bio

Alex Frayne has been involved in film and images from his earliest school days. Beginning with an 8mm camera in hand, he has continued his love affair with the medium through school and then at Flinders University (BA). Images from this body of work are held in collections in Australia and overseas. Simon Caterson, for The Australian Newspaper writes: "Frayne's eerily still urban landscapes have been likened in their classical framing and pervasive sense of strangeness in the familiar, to the work of Stanley Kubrick and Jeffrey Smart..." 

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01 May 2020

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