Parramatta Library Presents | Head On Photo Festival

Parramatta Library Presents

Library staff, Charles Roux & Ivy Jean

Parramatta Library

Exhibition Dates:

28 April 2015 to 31 May 2015


Exhibition Description

Three Associated exhibitions of Head On Photo Festival 2015

Travel Photos by Library Staff @ Parramatta Library
Tuesday 28 April to Sunday 10 May
Exhibition of travel photographs taken by Library Staff in celebration of the Head On Photo Festival and Library and Information Week. Vote for your favourite for the People’s Choice award to win a $50 Coles Meyer gift card

Charles Roux & Ivy Jean - Photo Exhibitions
Tuesday 12 May to Sunday 31 May
Parramatta Library is hosting 2 exhibitions: Fictitious Feasts & other works by Charles Roux and a selection of works by Ivy Jean. Their works will be on exhibit both in print and on digital rotation on the ground floor of the Library.

Fictitious Feasts by Charles Roux is based upon the mingling of photography and literature, through a deeply developed feature:
Eating is an essential activity, and connects both a sense of survival and social functions. Literature is frequently embedded in the imagery of food, and in many cases, characters are busy with the preparation or the consumption of a meal. The motif of food is particularly interesting in so far as it deeply reveals everyday life and its rituals, or it is a landmark in the storytelling. Giving life to the story, food can also define a character or convey another theme: it relates the characters to some social or cultural identity. It could be said that writing reveals a great deal of human behaviours when intertwined with the literary treatment of food, for food not only nourishes but it is also a pretext to dramatic events or metaphors. Both food and words are essential to the human race and the way they are closely interwoven in literature is relevant of a certain human dimension. Meals fulfil physical needs as well as they provide psycho-emotional nourishment. The powerfulness of orality engages all the senses. For more information -

Ivy jean is a Blue Mountains artist working with digital, vintage, plastic and DIY film cameras in her photography. Some of her work has been described as impressionistic photography, as she captures her subject with undefined lines. This exhibition showcases a selection of her work. For more information -

Alternative approaches to photography workshop
Saturday 30 May, 2 - 3.30pm
Imagine alternative approaches to photography in this hands on workshop to build a simple pin-hole camera with our guest artist Ivy Jean.
Did you know you can take a photograph with a cardboard box? For ages 13 and over.
Camera phones have made it possible for just about anyone to take a photograph these days. But, before this technology, photography was created in many different ways. From traditional film, to paper negatives, come along and explore the amazing art of photography!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ANY OF THESE EVENTS - Please contact Parramatta Library on 02 9806 5159.

Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

28 April 2015 to 31 May 2015
Artist Talk: 
Sat 30 May 2015, 2:00PM

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