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Norberto Tongoy

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Exhibition Dates:

01 May 2017 to 28 May 2017

Exhibition Description

Shot on the island of Negros Occidental, Philippines, this work follows on from Norberto's series Buwas (Tomorrow). As in his previous work, 'Reflections examines' the ways in which the threads of our lives intertwine and collide. A few years ago, I remember an old man told me that our lives are a series of threads woven and intertwined. I asked what he meant. He just smiled and said, "You are here now." I thought it was a series of coincidences but it was not just something that was unlikely to happen. Over the years, I explored and searched through that connection that compelled me to reflect.

Norberto Tongoy is a photographer born and raised in a farming community in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines and now based in Sydney, Australia. His recent work-in-progress explores the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and a photographic study of fitting into a different culture.

He is interested in documenting the human conditions that expose stories to seek awareness and understanding. He shares an eye-witness view of the story behind the lives of people and/or events, capturing the most prominent and vivid moments of life. His series Tomorrow was a finalist in the 2016 William & Winifred Bowness Photography Prize. His work has been showcased in various group exhibitions in Sydney, Australia.

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01 May 2017 to 28 May 2017

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Wednesday - Friday:
11:00 am-5:00 pm
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