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Shifting Presence


Michael Miller

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Exhibition Description

My aim with this body of work is to explore and to visualise my uncomfortableness of being human.
By using a metaphor of the body as a vessel, a contained shape in this case, and having it's location change, fade and interact with itself, I was to portray my need for constant change, trying to become comfortable, and the resulting restlessness and ill-ease with remaining still.

Artist Bio

Born in the UK, 1963, lives and works in Sydney, Australia. BA Design, 1983.
Although very much an emerging artist, Michael won Capture magazine's top emerging art photographer 2018, he has had two exhibitions at Edmund Pearce Gallery in Melbourne, had work hung twice in the NPPP at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, at the Head On Portrait Prize, and at the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize at the NSW State Library, amongst many others.
Achievements and Exhibitions:
'18 Winner Capture magazine top emerging Art photographer
'17 Iris awards PCP Semi-Finalist
'17 / '16 / '14 /'12 / '11 / '10 IPA Awards honorary mentions
'17 Capture magazine's top ten emerging art photographers
'16 / '12 / '11 / '10 Moran Photographic Prize

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Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

14 May 2019 to 19 May 2019

Open Hours

Opening Hours: 
Tuesday - Sunday:
11:00 am-7:00 pm

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