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Side Take


Michael Bradfield and Keith Saunders

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Exhibition Description

Side take is a series of photographs captured during and around the varied commissions undertaken by two Sydney photographers, Michael Bradfield and Keith Saunders.
Michael Bradfield has produced a series of highly detailed photographs of 20th Century film cameras reflecting his commercial still life work. They are beautifully lit in his studio and then deep etched for printing, to best show the classic design elements of these historic analogue cameras.
Isolating the subject on a pure white background gives these iconic cameras the status they deserve.
Many of the cameras are still usable- indeed some of the prints in Saunders’ work in this exhibition were taken on cameras included in the series.
Keith Saunders primarily photographs the performing arts, particularly musicians. The works on show are all outtakes from commissions undertaken in the studio and on locations around the world. The photographs are a glimpse into the musician life, conveying the atmosphere around the musicians’ performance and work. They show musicians backstage, performers away from the concert platform, details of beautiful instruments and unselfconscious portraits of artists on location and in the studio doing their own thing, unaware of the camera.

Artist Bio

Sydney born Michael Bradfield always wanted to play guitar in a band but in his late teens sold the guitar and amp to buy film, paper and chemicals in order to become a photographer. After studying and teaching at KvB in Sydney, he set up a studio in Singapore. Returned to Sydney, he is an established studio and location photographer, primarily shooting still life. Bradfield is based based at Roller Studio in Zetland.
Keith Saunders has been photographing the performing arts for 30 years- in London and since 2002 based in Sydney at The Roller. He primarily works with arts orgs, musicians, orchestras, actors and opera singers. He photographs performers in Australia, UK and worldwide. Saunders also shoots and produces digital videos.

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Dates and Times

08 May 2018 to 15 May 2018

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Monday - Saturday:
10:00 am-5:00 pm
12:00 pm-4:00 am

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