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In Street nine Sydney photographers showcase their city in their own way utilising technology from large format film to mobile phone cameras.

While approaches vary, all walk Sydney's corners and curbs with openness, curiosity and a willingness to be surprised by the beauty and humour that exist in the familiar and mundane.

These pictures are a reminder to look up as daily life bustles past. 

Street features work from local photographers Derby Chang, Stephen Godfrey, Lyndal Irons, Kaily Koutsogiannis, Steve Marshall, Geoff Roberts, Garry Trinh, Franky Tsang, and Brent Winstone.

The show was curated by Moshe Rosenzveig, Head On Photo Festival Artistic Director and Lyndal Irons.

This free exhibition is presented by Head On Photo Festival in collaboration with the State Library of New South Wales

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18 May 2013 to 18 October 2013

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