The Tasmanian Tree Project: Exploring the World’s Tallest Flowering Tree | Head On Photo Festival

The Tasmanian Tree Project: Exploring the World’s Tallest Flowering Tree

Steven Pearce
Artist Talk: 
Sat 20 May 2017, 3:00PM

Tasmania is home to the largest flowering tree in the world, the Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans), yet few people are aware that these giants exist right here in Australia. The Tree Project Team brings awareness to these globally significant trees, by creating a striking photographic portrait of an ancient Mountain Ash. We used innovative arboreal rigging techniques to place our cameras into the free space between the giants. Travelling the entire hight of the tree the cameras recorded hundreds of images as they travelled the images were then blended together to create the first complete image of these trees without visual distortion. With climbers in the tree as a scale reference, the image highlights how grand and truly massive these trees are.

The Tasmanian Tree Project was founded by a group of canopy scientists who regularly climb and explore rainforest trees. The thing that strikes you the most when you climb up into the canopy of a forest tree is just how completely different environment is compared to the cool dark forest floor. The light and colours are so much more vibrant and there vast range of plants and animals in the canopy which exist only there. The supporting prints in this exhibition perfectly portray the experience of being in the canopy 75 meters above the ground below. We hope it will change the way people think about a forest and bring their imaginations and attentions to what adventure and academic pathways are available.

Steven Pearce is the Director of Photography and creative mastermind behind. Willing to push the boundaries and embrace the latest technologies, Steven is able to deliver content that is unique, beautiful and inspiring. Steven is a renowned, award-winning photographer who specialises in wilderness and nature photography.  Inspired by adventure, many of Steven’s images capture the beauty of some of the most remote and inaccessible places in the world.


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17 May - 28 May