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An urban dialogue

Markus Andersen, Anthony Ginns & Albion Harrison-Naish

X88 Gallery

Exhibition Dates:

01 May 2015 to 13 May 2015


Exhibition Description

A city’s character is not orchestrated by some invisible hand, but rather grows organically through a multitude of voices, experiences and interactions.

We each have our own dialogue with the cities we live in. An urban dialogue brings together three complementary and sympathetic voices on what makes up the character of Sydney, with each looking to approach that famously harsh, haunting and beautiful Sydney light, seeking ways for it to become an intrinsic and seamless part of their compositions.

With a documentary aim and a street photographer’s embrace of serendipity, the taking of what comes rather than pre-emtping what will be found, we get a vision of Sydney that is both familiar and different. New and yet at one with the visions that have come before. Local but with an eye to the world, this series of black and white photographs of Sydney will enrich your own dialogue with the city and leave you with a fresh take on the familiar.

As Max Dupain once said “Colour tells all; black and white tells just enough to stir the imagination.” An urban dialogue aims to stir your imagination and capture the energy, romance and narrative potential of this great city.

Also showing at the Museum of Sydney until 8 June 2015.

Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

01 May 2015 to 13 May 2015

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