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John Dobson

Sydney Lower Town Hall

Exhibition Dates:

30 April 2016 to 08 May 2016

Exhibition Description

In this series I pay homage to visual arts icons of art and photography. In all the examples, the original images spoke to me and I felt compelled to pay homage and to somehow photographically interpret or reinterpret the work, capturing the essence of the original. In my interpretation of these iconic images my approach varies from an almost faithful recreation of the original, translating paint to pixels, with perhaps an anachronism, such as the zip on the hoodie of Man with a Red Turban to a more ironic tongue-in-cheek approach of my homage to Marilyn Monroe's 1949 Red Velvet photo series by Tom Kelley, where I have used a sixth scale articulated female action figure, placed on a crumpled red t-shirt to simulate red velvet, but with the same careful attention to pose, lighting and composition. In replicating the photographic icons I made the creative choice to reinterpret the black and white images in colour. The one consistent element in all the images besides my reverence for the original however, is my framing and composition, which I have tried to replicate exactly.

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Dates and Times

30 April 2016 to 08 May 2016

Open Hours

Opening Hours: 
Monday - Sunday:
10:00 am-6:00 pm