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Paul Harmon

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These photos were taken along the floodplains of the Murray-Darling River traditionally owned by the Barkandji, Ngemba, Euahlayi and Wayilwan nations and are supported by elders from those nations. I was initially attracted to this subject by the sheer beauty of the NSW outback from the air. The drama of water in the landscape is palpable, and strong hues render the story of man's dependence on it - both first peoples and post-European settlers. However, I soon realised the tensions that exist in a land where superficial beauty from the air hides ugly truths of stolen lands, stolen water, inappropriate land use and environmental degradation.

While it is a timeless story of feast and famine in a visually stunning but drought-prone land that has supported human occupation for over 65,000 years, it must also be viewed in the context of climate change. An ever-expanding demand for water by a profit-based agricultural industry is critically threatening the very existence of a river system upon which indigenous culture so depends.

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After starting my professional life as a filmmaker, I now find myself returning to my first love of photography where I try to bring a painterly sensibility to my work. Since taking up my camera again in 2012, I have had numerous exhibitions in the Southern Highlands of NSW and recently won the Landscape Presidents Prize at the 2018 Head On Photo Awards. 

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28 April 2020 to 28 May 2020

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