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When A Man Snaps

Stuart Spence

Head On to Paddington Installations - shopfronts

Exhibition Dates:

05 May 2018 - 20 May 2018


Exhibition Description

He turns garbage tins into daleks, camping chairs to nervy beasts, and blow up dolls into anxious girlfriends.


Enter the world of 'When A Man Snaps,' where Stuey's words and photographs come together, uncovering the humour, whimsy and confusion of a world most of us walk right past.


"I don't plan any of these photographs, I just turn up and there they are. Sometimes they're hiding, other times they just wait patiently in plain sight."


Stuey will leave one of his works tantalisingly uncaptioned, inviting the public to write their own caption


Artist Bio

Stu Spence is a professional photographer with thirty seven years experience as a photojournalist and fine art photographer, and exhibits nationally, most recently in Sydney, 2017.

He has been published in a wide range of publications including Rolling Stone, The New Scientist (UK) and Women's Wear Daily (NY).

He has also been a weekly columnist (words and photographs) for the Sydney Morning Herald, Voyeur (Virgin Inflight) and Qantas magazine.

Spence also performs onstage and has hosted a national cable television series, and is working on his first novel.

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Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

05 May 2018 - 20 May 2018

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