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Wounded Places


Sarah Ducker

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The burnt landscape stood bare before me, still defiantly beautiful in the face of devastation. A testament to the majesty of the bush.

Over a summer of terrifying fires, evacuations, suffocating smoke, I felt heartbroken. Unable to come to terms with my sense of unfathomable loss, I drove into the bush. Surprisingly, as I walked across the earth still pungent with the firestorm, I was uplifted by the transcendent glory of the naked trees.

This exhibition/ installation, invites the viewer into quiet contemplation of a devastating vision, as achingly beautiful as it is distressing, that embodies our deepest despair about the future of our earth. This moment in time provokes an existential confrontation about our human civilisation and our deep responsibility to the earth and all that it is.

Amid this apocalypse, emerges not just the possibility of transformation, but the insistence of it. Sparking potential for radical changes in culture and consciousness. We must find the courage to embrace challenges and evolve, not to turn away even when the size of the task ahead feels overwhelming.

In collaboration with writer Sally Gillespie, film editor Philippa Byers sound artist Jane Ulman and singer Natasha Petit, this part image, sound, music and conversation, asks the question: How can we manage our overwhelming grief in this deepening state of climate emergency and be inspired by nature’s resilient refusal to be dimmed? 

“Sometimes we choose to leap off the edge of our known world, other times we are pushed” Sally Gillespie

Artist Bio

Sarah Ducker’s creative life has evolved through several different media, from theatre direction to documentary film-making, before finding its most eloquent expression in photography. Her first exhibition was inspired by a visit to the desert near Broken Hill. The photographs captured small moments of life on the ground and the ephemeral beauty of the natural world, a theme that has become the core motif of her work. After spending some weeks at the Kenneth Myer Artistic Residency in the New Zealand Alps, Sarah presented her second exhibition, 'Fragility'. Her next exhibition, 'Gratitude’ opened in May 2017 at the Barometer Gallery as part of the Head On Photo Festival and was met with great acclaim. 

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05 May 2020 to 10 May 2020

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7:00 pm-9:00 pm
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