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General issues

Can I send print image rather than submit an image on the site?

We accept submission only via our website. If the image was shot using film , you will need to scan either the original negative/transparency or the print and upload the resulting file through our website.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit and anyone may submit.

I am a relatively unknown photographer from a national perspective; do I have the same chance for a win as a well known name photographer?

Judging will be done anonymously; no identifying detail will be visible by the judges in order to ensure that the selection is not affected by the celebrity of the photographer and or the subject of the photograph.

Is the show opened to non-Australian photographers?

Portrait, landscape, and mobile categories are opened internationally. The student category is only open to Australian students (K-12).

Can I submit an image of my dog/cat etc?

Animals may feature as part of a shot, but may not be the defining subject. Please see Gallery for examples. 

The portrait was taken in India and I have lost the name of the subject. Can I still submit the image?

Yes, you may submit it as long as you have permission of the subject to be exhibited.

Can I submit an artist statement?

You may submit a description of your image such as who the sitter is or any other information that may be relevant during the submission process ('Description')
. The instructions to how to submit are under ‘enter competitions’ menu at the top of the page.
 Please refer to 'Image Preparation' category in the FAQ for instructions on how to prepare images for submission using Photoshop.

Do the portraits have to be of someone of note or can they be any person?

You may submit images of any person whether known or not. The selection of images is based on the power of the photograph rather than the celebrity of the subject or photographer.. The judges select the images without the photographer's name.

Are first names or an alias acceptable in order to keep the subject's privacy?

You may use alias or first name only rather than a full name.

Can an image be changed after submission (suppose I accidently uploaded the wrong version)?

You can make changes after uploading your images however, once you pay for your submission it is locked and you can't make any changes.

Can I submit a self-portrait

Yes, you may submit a self-portrait.

Can the image have text on it as part of the concept?

Yes, you may add text anywhere you like (on the picture or next to it as long as the overall size remains according to the specifications).

Can you enter a image that has been exhibited in a previous exhibition?

You may submit any image whether it has been exhibited/published before or not.

Do I need to submit any information about each image?

No. The only information required is the photographer's name and the subject's name (or title). You will be able to add information about the image during the submission process in the 'Description' field.

Does the subject need to sign a talent release?

The subject is not required to sign a release however the photographer needs to have the subject's permission to be exhibited.

I have two people in the image, is this acceptable?

You may submit images of an individual or of a group consisting of two or more people.

If selected as a finalist, do the final prints need to be framed?

Final exhibition-prints will be printed by our printing partner. They will be exhibited unframed. The file should be prepared according to the instructions in the Terms & Conditions.

Is there a category for a series or when submitting 3 images, they counted as 3 seperate entries?

There is no category for ‘series’ however you may submit a composite made of more than one image which will be counted as one entry. The size of the submitted composite should still be 2400 pixels on the larger side (and if selected fit onto one A1 print). See examples in the 2006 Gallery – entries by Christopher Shain, Marco Bok and Tim Hixson and in 2004 Gallery, an entry by Murray Fredericks.

Is there a restriction on how many photos may be submitted?

You may submit up to 5 images in each category.

Is there a time frame during which the image must have been taken?

You may submit images that were taken any time, although we encourage people to submit current images which have been produced in the past few years.

What is the submission fee per entry?

The submission fee is $30 per image ($25 for members) and you may submit up to 5 images in each category.
 Please check the Terms & Conditions for full details on submitting entries.

What kind of media is allowed for the print? My portait is printed on a backlit paper placed in a lightbox.

Unfortunately, we can display only images that are printed on paper.
 This is due to the hanging method which is intended to give all images equal amount of presentation space and look.

The finalists' images will be printed by our printing partner (at no cost to the photographer).

When will the finalists be informed?

Finalists will be advised by phone and/or email during March 2016. Winners will not be made public until the official opening on April 29, 2016. Head On Photo Festival receives thousands of competition entries annually. Unfortunately we cannot respond to each artist concerning individual submissions.

If I have 5 people in the portrait group how do I name the file for entry

If the people are part of a family, company or another social group, please title the image with the name of the group.

I can't seem to view other requirements for submission, for example can I submit an artist statement?

You need to submit an image and a title under under 'Add Description' (after uploading the image). There is no need for a statement although you can have a short one after the title.
The instructions for how to submit are under ‘Submit’ menu at the top of the page.
Please refer to 'Image Preparation' category in the FAQ for instructions on how to prepare images for submission using Photoshop.

Are finalist images chosen to exhibit supposed to be brought into the gallery framed?

Final exhibition-prints will be printed by our printing partner and will be exhibited un-framed. Finalists will not be charged for the printing.

Can I change the title of an image once it has been submitted?

You can change the title or replace images before you pay for your entry (entries). Once you have paid, the images are locked and no change can be made.

Can I have black (or white) border around the image (eg negative rebate edges)

If your picture has a border which is part of the image (such as a Polaroid or 'full frame' look) please include it in the uploaded file.

Can the title be more than merely the name of the subject. For example can it include their name and what they are doing. eg. Dobie Wurrkidj rolls sand palm string to weave a dilly bag

Yes, you may include some extra information during the submission process using 'Description' field. You can add up to 100 words.

Can I upload another image after i have completed my submission?

Yes. You need to log in using your name and password and then add up to a total of 3 images.

I realised I named my picture incorrectly after I uploaded it, what should I do?

Submission name (title) has to be submitted when you upload your image. If you need to rename it, you have to delete the image (through the red link - 'submissions') before you proceed to the payment stage as you will not be able to rename the image once it's paid for.

Image file names (the one you create on your computer) will be replaced by the website so if you didn't rename it correctly, you are ok.

The system rejects my phone number when I try to register

The phone number should include only numerical characters, no spaces, dashes etc.

Can I pay without using a credit card?

You can pay only by credit card using Visa, Mastercard or American Express.