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Image preparation

I use Nikon D70s/Sony with Zeiss Lens which have lower resolution than 8MP. Can I still submit?

We made the resolution restriction to ensure the quality of the files are adequate for the 48x70cm size prints.If you believe your images are good enough to print at 48x70cm size, you may submit them.

Are there any restrictions to Photoshop use in order to clean up minor imperfections or in order to do major image manipulations?

No. Images can be enhanced and/or manipulated using Photoshop or other image editing programs.The show's main selection criteria are the quality and impact of the image.

Can I make a composite of four pictures as my camera can only make each picture at A4 in good quality?

The resolution restriction is to ensure the quality of the files are adequate for the A1 size prints. 
If you believe your images are good enough to print at 48x70cm, you may submit them.

My picture consists of two images printed on one photo, is this ok?

Yes, you may submit a composite as your entry. The size of the submitted image should still be 2400 pixels on the larger side.

Will you accept an image produced with a flat bed scanner?

Yes as long as the quality of the final print is up to standard.The final image of the exhibition print is quite large (A2) and therefore the requirement of 6 megapixel camera. If you believe your image quality is suitable, as it is being treated in such a way that pixilation is not an issue, you are welcome to submit.

How do I resize the image?

Using Photoshop: Go to 'Image' menu, then 'Image Size'Tick the boxes: 'Resample Image', 'Constrain Proportions', 'Scale Styles'In 'Document Size' - 'Resolution' enter 72 Pixels/inchNow enter 2400 pixels in 'Width' or 'Height' (whichever is bigger)

How do I change the colour space?

In Photoshop go to 'Edit' menu, 'Convert to Profile'.Check the 'Source Space' - if the profile is Adobe RGB 1998 you don't have to do anything.If you need to change the profile change in 'Destination Space' to Adobe RGB 1998
Use 'Adobe (ACE) Engine' and  'Relative Colorimetric Intent'

How do I save in Jpeg compression level 8?

Once your image is in the right size and colour space, go to 'file Menu' and click 'Save As'Choose where you would like to save the file (possibly on your desktop so you can access it easily when you upload the image)Under 'File Name' rename your image according to Head On requirements: photographer’s first name_photographer’s surname_image number.jpg. (Ex. first submitted image, taken by John Smith, will be named: john_smith_1.jpg)Under'Format' choose JPEGUnder 'Colour', tick ICC profile Adobe RGB 1998Click 'Save', you will be prompted to choose 'Quality' - set it to 8 and click OK

Can I submit a polaroid image?

Yes, as long as it is of high quality and will reproduce well at A2 size.
You will need to scan the picture or the negative in case it's a pos/neg polaroid.

Can the colour space be either Adobe RGB or sRGB?

Submitted images should be saved according to the instructions and in Adobe RGB 1998 colour space.

How do I set my image to compression level 8 in Adobe Lightroom (it only has a quality slider from 0-100)?

Go to 'File' menu and choose 'Export' from the dropdown menu.Set the file name according to our specificationsset the format to JPG, the colour space to Adobe RGB and the quality to 70Set resize to 2400x2400 pixels (at 72dpi)Save

I have mistakenly uploaded a file with all the right specs except dpi. 
Can I edit the image/reupload without incurring payment again?

Once you have paid for your entry the image gets locked and you cannot change the picture or its title.However, in this specific case you do not need to worry about the image having been saved with the wrong resolution as long as it was 2400 pixels on the longer side.

I use Photoshop Elements 4.0, so how do I save to specifications required for submission (eg. RGB 1998)?

Go to Image > Convert Color Profile; choose Adobe RGB 1998.
Please refer to the program 'Help'.

In the T & C it states that images can be submitted digitally or film but there is no print dimentions.

Images may be submitted only online however the picture can be taken using a digital or film camera.Unfortunately, there is no option for print submission.

Is there a preferred minimum image size for scanned images?

Final images will be printed at 48x70cm so your film scan should be large enough to produce a high quality print at this size.

Is there a specific print aspect ratio, ie can you submit a square image or does it have to fit within the 24x36 format?

You may submit images of any aspect ratio, vertical or horizontal.

Should Black and White images be converted to "Adobe RGB 1998 colour space"?

Yes. This is necessary to ensure all images are properly printed in the catalogue (finalists only) and viewed correctly on our monitors during the selection process.

Should I save a Black & white image in Gray Gamma 2.2
or in Adobe RGB?

All images should be saved in Adobe RGB colour space whether they are in colour or B&W.

The black and white image looks very blue once I have uploaded to your site. Is this due to the Adobe RGB colour formatting? If so how can this be avoided?

It sounds like you have a colour cast that you need to clean (or keep if you like the effect). 
In order to clear any colour cast you could:

• Apply a BW filter in Photoshop

• Apply Hue/Saturation filter in Photoshop and set the saturation to minimum (-100)

• Convert the image to BW (in Photoshop: 'Edit' menu, 'Convert to Working Gray') and then save it as Adobe RGB 1998

These adjustment can be made in most image manipulation software.