| Head On Photo Festival

Bondi Beach


Head On Photo Festival is pleased to present one of the first public art installations since COVID-19.

Lining the fence of Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, six fantastic photography exhibitions showcase the natural environment and current environmental issues.

Featuring local and international artists including, Ian Bickerstaff, Matt Smith, Renata Buziak, Robert Harding Pittman, Roger Hanley and Annamaria Belloni.


Please comply with current social distancing requirements while travelling to/from and visiting the exhibitions.


Dates: 4 July - 9 August 2020

Open hours: beach hours

Location: Bondi Beach Promenade (next to the skateboard park)

Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach NSW 2026 

Bus routes: 333, 362, 380, 333N

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Government partners:



Exhibiting photographer(s): Matt Smith
Underwater photography allows me to visually communicate to the viewer the majestic feelings of scuba diving and the incredible interactions between myself and rarely seen creatures of our oceans i
Exhibiting photographer(s): Ian Bickerstaff
The central subject of ‘Sanctuary’ is a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre in Cameroon, that provides a safe home in captivity for several hundred primates ripped from the wild by illegal hu
Exhibiting photographer(s): Renata Buziak
‘Medicinal Plant Cycles’ is part of practice-led research and draws on natural science along with extensive consultations and dialogues with members of the Quandamooka community of Minjerribah / No
Exhibiting photographer(s): Annamaria Belloni
“Supernatura” tells the story - sometimes in an imaginary way - of the difficult relationship between human beings and nature: we were too violent and slowly this relationship has been destroyed.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Roger Hanley
If knowledge is gained in Margin Walker, it is knowledge achieved through doubt, not through rational explication.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Robert Harding Pittman
When you come home at night, you turn on the light switch, and the light bulb magically glows. We take this for granted.