Kite Catchers | Head On Photo Festival

Kite Catchers

Photographer's Name: 
Mercurio Alvarado Mendez

Varanasi India is well known for being a Holy city with strong beliefs about reincarnation. People from all around the world come to experience the ambiguous feeling of death, and this ambiguity is extended to the main attraction of the city, the Ganges River.
Like any other river, the Ganges has two shores. But what makes the two shores of the Ganges so fascinating is that while one is full of culture and life venerating death, the other is just empty.
On Sundays, when the weather is perfect to explore the sky with kites, you will see the once empty fields covered by small groups of adults and kids, making teams to challenge their abilities to conquer the air space.
Just like how life has death as a partner, a kite has to fall; and when this happen you can be sure the kite catchers will be there.

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