Regal Blue | Head On Photo Festival

Regal Blue

Photographer's Name: 
Matthew Smith

"Split level, over/underwater ocean seascapes are so full of mystery that you can never really plan a shoot as you never know what will be below the surface on any given day or tide. I like to shoot at Bushrangers Bay NSW as it is a protected marine reserve and teaming with underwater life as well as beautiful above water landscape surroundings. On this particular day I wanted to produce a seascape with fish in the lower half, the bay is full of silver bream that are not too timid and will often swim to your feet. However, recent north east winds had blown a whole armada of bluebottles in... so plans quickly changed!

Light levels were low so my F13 @ 1/15 second shutter speed for the sky sufficiently blurred the water line whilst my underwater strobes illuminated and froze the brilliant colour of the bluebottle..... a perfect compliment to the foreground of the image."

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