Suzy in her bedroom at home | Head On Photo Festival

Suzy in her bedroom at home

Photographer's Name: 
Martine Perret

Suzy sits on her bed at home.  Suzy is 52 years old and has always dressed like a girl. She has never been with a woman and has been in a sexual relationship with the same man for the past seven years. Suzy walks freely in Dili as a woman, and does not care about what people think. She has had the treatment to develop breasts and had the neck operation 25 years ago in Indonesia. She decided not to have the operation to remove her penis as she " would have had too much success with men wanting to try to have sex with her. She has an arrangement with the local padre that allows her to live near the church. She runs a salon where she cuts peoples hair for money. She does not have erections. Suzy feels like a woman." 1 November 2009.

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