Timothy | Head On Photo Festival


Photographer's Name: 
Peter Carroll

Humbug is a term used in Alice Springs to describe the practice of asking others for money. A form of begging I suppose. On a cultural level it goes deeper than that, but for this purpose I am talking about simply being asked for money.  I discovered that humbug can be a way to meet interesting people with stories to tell. 

Timothy asked for a couple of dollars, which I gave him. He told me he just came in from out near Chambers Pillar, 2-3 hours drive away on dirt and sand. He told of killing animals out there, blowin their f---n brains out. 

What animal? "Camels! Horses! Kangaf---nroo!  BOOM! Chuck them on the fire. A lot of meat in Camel... feeds a lot of people.

Where's home? Alice fu---in Springs. Where are you sleeping?  You standing on my bed mate. I don't care. I'm not cold. I got these clothes. I sleep right here. He meant just out on the street, a town camp, in the riverbed or whereever he finds himself when sleep time arrives.

He pulled out all his cards. Among them an I.D Card.  

I.D Card?  "yeah brother we all got I.D Cards." His Town address reads:  None. 

I asked him for the photograph as he held the card. He offered me some apple juice and we parted ways.

Titjikala is a community not too far from Chambers Pillar, a beautiful drive through dune/spinifex country South East of Alice Springs.

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