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About the series

Conflict and violence have plagued much of Uganda since independence in 1962. The most protracted of these conflicts, the insurgency against the Lord’s Resistance Army, lasted nearly 18 years.

Today, ten years after the end of hostilities, the region appears rejuvenated – a bustling trade and business centre with buildings shooting up and a renewed sense of optimism. The generation who grew up in refugee camps is receiving needed education, learning trades, and farming the land again. While many still carry the physical and emotional scars of unconscionable devastation, it is evident that the human spirit is profoundly capable of emerging with resilience after war.

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Artist bio

Brian was born in Los Angeles. He spent much of his youth disassembling things with many parts and amusing himself making electrical circuits. Curious to know how computers worked, he designed and built one from scratch. It had flashing lights, many switches and buttons, and was generally useless. After studying software engineering and telecommunications, Brian picked up a friend’s camera. Resisting the urge to disassemble it, he decided to take some pictures instead. The resulting images were published, and a new career direction was born. His work has since been featured in magazines such as GEO and Conde Nast Traveller. He has won awards from Photo District News, and National Geographic Traveller.

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Price: AUD$880 + shipping. GST incl.
Presentation: Raw oak frame, 61x46cm
Materials: archival paper with pigment ink
Edition: 5
Shipping: $40 for NSW, ACT, VIC. $70 for SA, NT, TAS, WA, QLD. Please contact us for international shipping pricing.



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