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1 - The never-ending tea party 

The Tea Party brings together all of the characters of the Alice-ism. For me, it is the hub of the wheel of the story, it’s about assembling the characters and finding the right performer to play each of the roles.

2 - Down the Rabbit Hole 

In the beginning when Alice comes across a white rabbit looking at a stopwatch repeating “I’m late, I’m late!” she finds herself following, falling down a rabbit-hole at a dreamily slow pace. She is surprised to find herself on a journey to another world.

3 - The Red Queen of Hearts 

The Queen of Hearts dominates and rules absolutely, according to her whims. “Off with his head.” Her authoritarian regime is represented in the blood red colour of the roses

4 -The White Queen's warning  

The White Queen is escaping, knowing that the Red Queen of Hearts’ desire is to turn Wonderland into a prison. The horse represents slavery (“working like a horse”), the statue shows that Wonderland is actually under the ever-staring gaze of the Red Queen of Heart’s rule and finally with only one clock in place now, Wonderland’s utopian freedom will be lost.

About the series

Daniel’s most recent series ‘ALICE-ISM’ (2019) is an illustration of the age-old ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, tackled through the grandeur of theatrical performance with a burlesque twist. 

The timeless fascination of ‘Alice’ continues to resonate in today’s modern world, as evidenced by the many interpretations of the story across many art forms. Daniel’s artworks undergo multiple processes after the initial photoshoot and he digitally manipulates the images to maximise the effect of colour, creating a sense of movement and life within the still image. 

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Artist bio

Melbourne-born internationally-recognised Daniel Kneebone is a multi-award-winning artist and photographer. Influenced by the story-telling abilities of provocative Australian artists – ranging from Norman Lindsay’s luscious, physical forms through to explorative photo-based artist Polexini Papapetrou, he uses his detailed artworks to make a statement about facets of life and art about which he is passionate. Daniel enjoys collaborating with performers from a diverse range of genres who contribute their skills to enhance storytelling through photography.  

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