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About the series

During the making of this series, it was interesting to find that not one person mentioned I might be overstepping boundaries. Not one person hinted they thought it politically incorrect or socially unacceptable that I made these images. I often wonder if the roles were reversed and I were a man, would I have been branded a dirty old sleaze? Would I have been reported to someone or other, namely the police? In today's world, most likely all of the above and more. The contradiction of the way we treat each other depending on our sex and the 'political correctness' of this became blazingly apparent. I ask, does this mean we are a society of hypocrites with our heads in the sand or is it justified that there is one rule for some and another rule for others?

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Artist bio

Odette was born in Toronto, Canada. Her early years were based mainly in Sydney, Australia, before she travelled west to Fremantle, where she still lives today. Although keenly interested in photography since she was a teenager, it was only with the advent of digital technology that Odette realised her passion. To learn the art of storytelling, Odette undertook a three-year photo-journalism unit at LaTrobe University Bendigo via online study, receiving high honours. Odette was nominated for the fifth cycle of the Prix Pictet 'Consumption' for her body of work 'The business of Recycling' in 2014.

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Edition: 5
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