Stories and Faces: Creating stronger portraits and better stories Masterclass with Oded Wagenstein - second workshop | Head On Photo Festival

Stories and Faces: Creating stronger portraits and better stories Masterclass with Oded Wagenstein - second workshop

Portraits and better stories  Masterclass with Oded Wagenstein


Whether in travel photography or events, in street photography or fashion, or simply for another addition to your family album, portraits are by far the most popular type of photography. With the advent of the internet and affordable digital and smartphone cameras, creating strong portraits is harder than ever, as we need to fight for our viewers’ attention over the many other visuals they see every day. 

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional photographer, an advanced amateur, or just getting started. This masterclass won’t test your ability to explain technical concepts but will help you craft your ability to create a better composition, work with more suitable lighting, choose the best tools for the job, and most importantly, be able to tell a story in a portrait.  


Dates & details

8 hours of tuition over 3 sessions

Lesson 1: 3 June  6.00-8.30pm (Sydney time)
Lession 2: 5 June  6.00-9.00pm (Sydney time)
Lession 3: 10 June May 6.00-8.30pm (Sydney time)

Price: $295 ($275 members) (inc GST)

Max class size: 15


Lesson 1: The storytelling portrait: from visualizing an idea to the final image (2.5 hours)

During this session, we will dive into the fascinating world of portraiture and storytelling. We will:

  • - Explore the workflow of portrait making from visualizing an idea, to creating the final image.
  • - Learn how to use photographic language to tell a story and evoke emotion.
  • - Understand how to work with natural light in different situations and scenarios. 
  • - Cover basic to advanced techniques of how to use concepts like colour, angle, moment, looking space, background, and the decisive moment to benefit your portraits.
  • - Get behind the scenes of Oded’s portrait-making, with exclusive and detailed case studies

Lesson 2: Image review (3 hours).

Getting in-depth feedback is an essential part of the development of any artist.
During this session, you will receive practical feedback on your work, as we will discuss matters like photographic language and personal voice.

Lesson 3: Telling a story in a series (2.5 hours)

Working on a photographic series is probably one of the most rewarding (and challenging) tasks of the photographer. During this session, we will:

  • - Discuss the differences between crafting a story for a single image | photo essay.
  • - Get behind the scenes of the photographic assignment – from the preparation stage to working in the field.
  • - Analyze award-winning series and understand their photographic apparatus.

About the presenter

Oded Wagenstein

Photographer and lecturer.

His work has been published, among other platforms, by National Geographic, BBC, The Guardian, VOGUE and has been displayed around the world, including exhibitions presented in the National Portrait Gallery (London, UK), the United Nations (NYC, USA) and the State Historical Museum of Russia in the Red Square (Moscow, Russia).

His project 'Like Last Year's Snow' about a small community from Siberia, was exhibited in the Paddington Reservoir Gardens last year during the Head On Photo Festival 2019. 



Suitable for

Tailored to all levels of experience and ability, and aimed at creating a workshop-like experience, this online course is all about harnessing the tools of the composition and light to create better and stronger storytelling portraits.

What do you need

  • - Good internet connection capable of live-streaming.
  • - Love of people and photography



Attendees responsibilities

  • - This class is designed for anyone wanting to gain skills in composition and story-telling through images. This course will not cover technical concepts. It is your responsibility to decide whether you have sufficient skills, knowledge or appreciation of visual-story telling to get the most out of this course
  • - Please make sure you send us your contact details - we take no responsibility if you do not receive emails due to incorrect email addresses or spam filters
  • - Please make sure you check all your email boxes such as trash, junk, spam, clutter etc. We take no responsibility if you do not read the emails we send you
  • - Please ensure you have adequate internet speed and connection to support this online course
For more information please email

Refunds / cancellations

  • - Full refund is available one week before the course starting date
  • - Half refund is available for cancellation up to 48 hours before the course starting date
  • - You must email your request for a refund to before any refund can be issued
  • - If the course is cancelled or if you cannot attend or your internet connection/speed is insufficient, a recorded version for the session will be made available for a limited time
  • - We will endeavor to notify you as soon as possible of any cancellations and availability of the recorded session
  • - If you miss a session, please notify us by email within twenty-four hours after the session date so we can arrange for you to access a recorded version.


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