Workshop 2018 | Head On Photo Festival

Workshop 2018


Carving your niche | Finding unique visual moments | Editorial perspective

Workshop Summary

Bronstein’s work reflects a dedicated humanitarian and visual war correspondent finding visual moments nobody else would dare look for, as she brings a voice to those who have none.

Dare Parker, a Walkley Award winning photojournalist brings a wealth of experience working across international and Australian media. How do we cut through the white noise of a digital world saturated with imagery?  

A two day workshop (4-5 May) AND bonus third day at the Head On Seminar (6 May)


Cost: $995 ($945 members) GST inc.

Early bird $895 till 8 April

(Includes 1 ticket to Head On Seminar)


Workshop (15 participants max)

Dates: 4 May - 5 May 2018

Location: Paddington (TBC) 



Date: 6 May 2018

Location: Paddington (TBC)






Paula Bronstein

Paula Bronstein is one of the world’s leading photojournalists.

Her award winning work reflects the eye of a dedicated humanitarian and conflict photographer. She is the author of the internationally acclaimed book “Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear “.  For over 15 years, Paula worked as staff photographer for a variety of American newspapers. In the late 90’s she moved overseas covering the Asian region working with Getty Images News, working as staff from 2002-2013. Paula’s images have been published in almost every globally recognized publication and exhibited in numerous countries.    

Over the years Paula's extensive work in various conflict zones has taught her to be a dedicated humanitarian photographer, provoking change and raising awareness and is now working on a Getty grant on the long term effects of war. Paula states "that if war is not happening in your country quite often it is easier to turn away. My mission is to bring attention back to victims of war who have little voice – getting people to relate."

David Dare Parker

We all have an ego but after a while you have to leave it behind because it makes no sense to keep witnessing these things just to make a name. Photojournalism becomes less about you and more about the people of the situation you’re photographing. It’s about offering other people a voice.

A Walkley Award winning photojournalist, David Dare Parker has photographed for many national and international magazines throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Australasia. Publications include LeMonde, Stern, L'Express, Focus, Australian Geographic, The Bulletin, The New York Times, Fortune and Time Australia. He is featured in the Australian War Memorial book ‘Contact’ – Australian War Photographers and WAR: Degree South.



By the conclusion of this workshop you will:

  1. Gain confidence in editing and sequencing your work
  2. Create photographs that are visually intriguing 


This is not a “how to” course. The workshop is best suited for people who are already familiar with the operations of their camera and are looking for a creativity driven course.


  • Check at the end of each class session for what you need to bring to the next one. This might include prints/digital file, a flashlight or other items brought up in class.
  • Clothing suitable for the weather conditions (both indoor and outdoor)


$895.00 AUD